4 Oct 2016

And Then, No Gain...

It’s been a bad day at black rock for her indoors as this is the first month in memory when neither of us has had a win with our Premium Bond holdings. I got her calmed down after a while by carefully explaining, with the help of lots of paper and a box of coloured crayons, that, unlike her flutters on the lotteries, we hadn’t lost anything and in fact we’re a country mile ahead of any presently available bank interest we could’ve ‘earned’ for the same amount over the same period. And no chance of any big gain. That’s ‘no chance’. Wot we have presently is a really miniscule chance.

I felt I achieved a modicum of success with this explanation unlike, a little bit after a while ago, when I attempted to explain her concept of a win on the National Lottery.

That explanation took many hours, pages of paper and several Power Point presentations and left her still firmly of the belief that, despite buying three tickets for a total of six pounds and winning only three pounds, she’d actually ‘won’ three pounds. That the stake was greater than the ‘win’ just didn’t/doesn’t register.

Quote;  Jackie Mason.

“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.”

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