2 Oct 2016

And Then, Dumber Un A Doughnut...

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest initiative by our glorious leaders which is to ‘name and shame’ eateries who’s servings of  sweets and desserts are deemed to be too large. Are these people nuts? Did they stop and try thinking that through for even a Nano-second? I await with baited breath the publication of the ‘named and shamed’ eateries. We’re all dressed-up and ready to go! We neeeed that list!

It would seem we are blessed{?} with governments who are intent on smaller desserts, less sugar and let’s not forget salt, fat, drink and the biggie, smoking.

These same folk periodically announce some new initiative against school, workplace and on-line bullying and yet never bat an eye when, in almost the same breath, they call out fat people, smokers and drinkers as very, very naughty, nasty people.

Seems that if anyone down here calls large folk fat or smokers and drinkers really nasty smelly people and it happens in places of learning, the workplace or via social media, it’s bullying and jolly well needs to be stamped on very hard indeed. However, if those in positions of power use the same language to further their controls over us, it’s an ‘important initiative’.

Initiative? Nudge? Bullying by any other name and it’s patently obvious to all us humble folk out here that all governments are the biggest bullies on the planet and, sadly, we can’t get our hands on ‘em to ‘nudge’ ‘em really hard in the puss as is the just deserve of all bullies.


Quote;  Wendy Mass.

“When people see you're happy doing what you're doing, it sort of takes the power away from them to tease you about it.”

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