3 Jun 2016

And Then, Well, Nothing...

I watched that nice young David Come-undone get undone by a not very forgiving audience last night. Truth is, as far as I could tell, he didn’t answer one question. Not one. He did, however, get several shades of red brighter as the ‘show’ rolled on.

The bit I liked was when he said we were better able to control immigration by being a member of a huge block of countries with open borders. Going on the numbers currently rolling up here I’m guessing this is a new plan yet to be implemented, right? Yo, Dave! Can you put something simple together, possibly in cartoon form on YouTube, so we can try and grasp your idea of how that’ll work? And a kick-off date would be good. Thank you very big.

It seems the BBC, in it’s attempt to shore-up the Remain folk as Dave got a roasting, put a Tweet, whatever that is, on their live blog from a pretend MP. How cool is that then?

I believe Dave also mentioned that the ‘well respected’ RSPB had also stated that if we have the temerity to leave it’ll be the end of wild life here. Is this the same RSPB that badgers – sorry - the government to build more onshore bird decimating wind farms?  How stupid do these peoples utterings have to get before they’re locked in rubber rooms?

If nothing else, this EU vote-a-thon is confirming to one and all, should we actually need any confirmation, how little those with so much power actually know. Pretty much goes for both sides. Gove this evening so we’ll see. Am I going to watch? Yup; and why not? I’m quietly confident I’ll have already watched the other channels episode of Law and Order upwards of twelve times. This year alone.

In other mind bending news I discovered that if we need to get to a new habitable planet, we need to take-off now!

“The researchers arrived at a new expansion rate of 73.2 kilometres per second per megaparsec. A megaparsec is 3.26 million light years. The consequence of this adjustment in difficult-to-imagine speeds over unthinkable distances is that the distance between cosmic objects will double in another 9.8 billion years.”

In view of this news, is going out to vote worth the effort?

Quote;  Israelmore Ayivor.

“The bird dares to break the shell, then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. This is the simplest principle of success. You dream, you dare and and you fly.”


Ripper said...

I didn't get to watch Cameron get a roasting (just the highlights on the web) but landed on his Twitter account via the Filthy Engineer's place, where he had tweeted about the RSPB thing. Do go have a look, the comments are priceless! I'm sure I recognise a couple of bloggers in there as well (Old Holborn? Skip Licker?) - funniest comment is from Skip Licker...


If that's the best he can do, Farage is gonna tear him to shreds. Blindfolded. With both arms tied behind his back. Hilarious.

Mac said...

Yup, I caught those responses. As you say, priceless. Dave’s drivel wasn’t too well received was it? I’ll bet the ‘aid’ who thought it’d be cool to put that out for him got a whipping that night!!