9 Jun 2016

And Then Up Front...

Further to yesterdays post regarding the EU Referendum, Caratacus left a comment which gave me pause for thought and is in need of bringing forward:

“I do become a bit pensive though about the phrase “they gave their lives …” – they did not give their lives. They were conscripted and had their lives stolen from them by a cynical State and pissed away for the financial gain of the politicians’ masters.
And when I see that greatest war criminal of modern times – Blair – in attendance at the Cenotaph, I harbour very dark thoughts indeed about the political class in general and him in particular.
Forgive me ... as I descend further into aged decrepitude I find that my tolerance do wear exceeding thin :-)”

Then, just as I was about to go to pixel, Ripper dropped in with what could be called a counter comment:

“There were many, despite conscription, who's love for their country, their belief in freedom and way of life far outstripped the concept of conscription. They gave their all freely for what they saw as freedom from oppression, not only for their generation but also those that were to follow.
The conscientious objector was equally as brave, some of them willingly faced a firing squad for what they believed in. How anyone could label such a person as a coward I do not know.
So Mac is right to use that phrase. It has nothing to do with the State, when the rich wage war it is the poor who die. It has always been that way.”

Caratacus, Ripper, thank you for taking the time to comment. Please see the quote below that says it all to both of you.

To me, both comments have equal merit, both work and both equate freedom with too many dead. Both just strengthen my resolve to vote Leave. No doubt about it and the more our supposed betters squeal and plead and sob for Remain, the stronger my already rock solid resolve becomes. It’s now our turn to give the political elite who’re trying to scare us into Remaining for reasons we’ll never be fully aware of, and the mainly compliant MSM, an all-mighty kicking.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the good, much missed, Captain Ranty was still with us to share his thoughts regarding these interesting times...

To close, are these EU nut-jobs now contemplating sending a gunboat to China? However, from reading this, it’s unlikely to be one of ours. Is someone, somewhere making this stuff up?

Quote;  George R. R. Martin.

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”


Caratacus said...

Ripper - I agree with all you say, I really do. I would perhaps observe that these splendid men who volunteered so conscientiously did so mistakenly because of the lies cynically fed to them by the rich you mention who felt that it was about time to have another war and let the masses die off a bit in their distasteful pursuit of another few bob.

All my uncles were involved in WW2 ... and all of them returned, something which was almost unheard of in one family.

Ripper said...

Caratacus - My previous comment was not written from a disagreement with you, in fact I was in agreement with every word you wrote and I feel the same as you when it comes to the disgusting specimen of a war criminal that is Blair.

I was merely putting forward another angle. I see WW2 in a slightly different way - from Britain's standpoint at the time, there was no choice but to fight. To have taken a passive attitude would have eventually led to living under a Nazi flag. Russia was a prime example, Stalin had a peace treaty with Hitler when Germany invaded Russia. Hitler was an agressive expansionist dictator, who, rather than making a few bob for an elite, chose to loot the resources and wealth of the countries he invaded by force, for himself and his gang.

So,the difference WW2 and Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan is that Britain's part in WW2 was neccessary for our liberty and very survival. Our part in the Falklands was also neccessary, since we were protecting our own from dictatorship. To say that those who fought and died in Iraq did so mistakenly would be perfectly correct as we saw Blair's lies unfold. But to apply the same logic to those who fought and died in WW2 somewhat cheapens their efforts.

But I do whole heartedly agree with you on Blair. He, along with Bush, have already been found guilty of war crime. Problem is, the court is in the far East, Malaysia? I can't remember, which is why you won't see him setting foot in that country anytime soon. But I believe that his day will come.


Ripper said...

For you Mac!


Mac said...

Caratacus, Ripper,
Thank you both for contributing to the post.
Be of good cheer, be strong, we're going to win.