8 Jun 2016

And Then, A ‘Debate’...

Did you watch the ‘debate’ on ITV then? Seems to me we had one guy trying to answer questions, or at least address opinions, but was continually being shouted at by bussed-in, professional shouty folk and, when he did get a foot in the door, he had the further disadvantage of a ‘let’s move quickly on’ chairperson. We knew it was going to be thus did we not? Full marks to the guy for trying though.

The other fellow wasn’t interrupted at all and was allowed free reign to not answer any questions but just to reply with, “Well, let me say this...” and then ramble on. Reverse that and I’m betting the chairperson would’ve jumped right in there. “No, we don’t want you to say that; we want you to answer the bloody question, okay?”

Anyhoo, to all you Remain and undecided folk out there, come the day, as you head to your polling station, just give your decision or indecision one last thought.

Think first of the countless men women, and even children, who have given their lives so we may be free to walk to that polling station. They died for our freedom and now our purported ‘leaders’ are just dying to give those freedoms away. You happy with that? Thought not.

As you approach your poll place door, think of it as a door to a fork in your road. One way leads to Remain. This fork is for the cowardly and is  signposted Servitude. The other fork leads to Leave. This fork is for the courageous and signposted Self Determination. Your call.

Who knows, OUT could well be followed, in the fullness of time, by a major cleanout of the Westaugean stables.

Quote;  Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

“To go wrong in one's own way is better than to go right in someone else's.”


Caratacus said...

Well said, Mac.

I do become a bit pensive though about the phrase “they gave their lives …” – they did not give their lives. They were conscripted and had their lives stolen from them by a cynical State and pissed away for the financial gain of the politicians’ masters. And when I see that greatest war criminal of modern times – Blair – in attendance at the Cenotaph, I harbour very dark thoughts indeed about the political class in general and him in particular.

Forgive me ... as I descend further into aged decrepitude I find that my tolerance do wear exceeding thin :-)

Ripper said...


There were many, despite conscription, who's love for their country, their beleif in freedom and way of life far outstripped the concept of conscription. They gave their all freely for what they saw as freedom from opression, not only for their generation but also those that were to follow.

The conciencious objector was equally as brave, some of them willingly faced a firing squad for what they believed in. How anyone could label such a person as a coward I do not know.

So Mac is right to use that phrase. It has nothing to do with the State, when the rich wage war it is the poor who die. It has always been that way.