15 Jun 2016

And Then A Box....

Her indoors has been nipping my swede for a while now about getting an updated satellite receiver. Why? No idea, but what can you do?

Upon looking round it seemed they where quite expensive considering the rubbish that comes out of them. I phoned the provider and after stating name, age, eye colour and weight was informed I was eligible for a free upgrade. Free is a lovely word so I enquired further. “Can you send me one then please?”
”Hell no. This receiver needs a bunch of new wiring  so we’ll get an engineer to install the box.”
There goes ‘free’ thought I. “And the cost of that would be?”
”That would be free.”
Whoa!! An engineer and we’re still running on free!

And so it came to pass that the engineer rolled up on the appointed date at the appointed time and tapped on the door.
”I’ve checked out your sat dish and guess what? You’ll need a new one.”
What popped into my mind? New dish equals cost of new dish, plus hazardous{?} roof work thus expensive, equals at least a prial of hundreds of pounds. Minimum. Nothing in the world’s really free is it?
”And so, my fine engineering fellow, all up, this free installation will be costing me how many pounds?”
”All free.”
”All free? Really? Can you do it twice for us then?”

The result is she/we now have an up-to-date satellite system; one that runs on electrickery rather than paraffin but the spooky thing is that exactly the same programs get beamed through it. However, we do now have the facility to record stuff. How, like, awesome is that then? So now we can record the rubbish we wouldn’t watch when it’s on and then pick our own time not to watch it again. Is that super cool and techy or wot?

Now I Just need an app thingy so’s I can start recording something we will never watch, via my ‘smartphone’, when we’re out and I’ll have yet another dealy-bob I don’t need. And never did.

In other news, on the TV today, when talk turned to all things referendum, some MP let slip that things weren’t actually going the way the political elite, of all persuasions, had expected. Why? It seems the people have realised they have the whip-hand right now and those who would lord over us are a tad confused and nervous regarding this reversal of power. Simply put, far to many folk  are point-blank refusing to responding the way the politicos have been ‘instructing’ them to respond. Bummer.

Quote;  Amit Kalantri.

“Entertainment is temporary happiness, but real happiness is permanent entertainment.”

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