4 May 2016

And Then, A Quick Conversation...

You may be familiar with that TPD thingy, otherwise catchily known as the Tobacco Products Directive, and its possible ramifications on the fledgling e-cigarette business or the death thereof. Tobacco users please believe me when I say I also feel your pain as I used to be one and if smokes weren’t so damn expensive, would no doubt still be one, but this is just for Vaparians.

The other day I chanced to be in one of they fledgling e-cig shops and after making my purchase, seeing no further customers present, took a moment to ask the owner what was going to happen to his shop now May was upon us. As it was the fourth and apparently StarWars day, I threw in, “By the way, May the fourth be with you.”
”Whu...? The shop? Business as usual.” He said.

Please remember that what I type here is from the little he related to me, there was more that I’ve forgotten, and I haven’t the patience to verify any of it so just take it as it is. All I can say is, as it’s this fellows business, we can assume he must’ve done some digging.

He said that the sale of kits, meaning a battery and a tank, could be restricted so all his shop would be selling now was  tanks, up to the buyer what goes in the tank. They may want a tank for a small goldfish, right? and batteries. He stated he could find absolutely nothing that prohibits or restricts the sale of small tanks or batteries of any description. Again, if the customer takes a tank and a battery home and glues ‘em together, what can he do?

Tanks, it seems, will be restricted to 2ml capacity and he’s already selling these. What he’s also selling, for those requesting something a tad bigger - for a bigger fish? is 5ml tanks. These suckers come with a rubber grommet cunningly placed half way into the tank of dimensions that reduces the tank to a 2ml useable side and a 2ml void – also trickily known as a leak trap. He stated he sells these tanks with the rider to the customer to take great care as the grommet is very easily to removed, thus creating a 5ml tank, and that’s very naughty and not really allowed...

As the gentleman said, any regulations, especially EU regulations, are so extremely poorly put together that they invariably come complete with escape holes as big as the Channel Tunnel through which the directives were delivered. 

Time will tell and we shall see but maybe, just maybe, the picture for Vaparians could be a little brighter than that dull landscape under a thunderstorm presently being painted.

Quote; An old one from Johnny Carson.

“I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.”

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