3 Mar 2016

And Then A Repeat...

And thus it came to pass that the jungle camps relocation became front and centre from Scare Headquarters yet again. Same scare twice? Are they running out of scary things? Anyhoo, it’s back to the French hating us so much that if we Leave they’ll relocate that jungle and all the inhabitants of said jungle to our side of the Channel and so as not to stress the ‘refugees’ too much they’ll be relocated from Calais to Carlisle I believe. 

Have all those reporting on this relocation never travelled? Never heard of visas and passports and such? Never been asked for these documents at the airport or port they leave from? Never heard of ‘no papers; no travel’?  Never once in all my years of being a traveling man, since age of fifteen, did I ever do what these loons seem to think is possible; just walk onto a plane or boat and go. 

Please pop over to Is The BBC Biased where I shamelessly borrowed the picture below which perfectly sums up the level of reporting relating to any ‘refugee’ item they shovel at the unenquiring public. Not only the BBC.

Note that montage thingy behind George Alligator as he talks of these poor peoples  pitiful plight. Charging storm troopers to the left of us; terrified young ladies clutching babies to the right of us.

What do they say? A picture’s worth a thousand words? Shameless in their impartiality are they not.

What did that other fellow say yesterday? We must not leave because if we do, those on low wages will see their wages rise. I’m just left hoping that anyone on a low wage who caught this guy warning of the possibility of wages rising if we leave takes note of how bad that would be and thus votes to Remain. You know it makes sense. I’m betting he was pretty proud of what he said ‘till he gave it some though a tad too later. And this lordly Rosie lad is the head of the ‘In’ campaign?

Please click the bit wot follows and spend a little time with Great Big Sea in the Company Of Fools.

Quote;  Shannon L. Alder.

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.”

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