29 Mar 2016

And Then Fine Words...

Where I first saw reference to this piece by Mr Trollope I don’t remember. If I had to guess I’d guess at the home of the always thought provoking A K Haart. If so, thank you.

Anyhoo, Dave, you still away doing that thinking thingy or are you back home trying to remember what you’d been thinking about? Wherever you are, I’m wondering if you’ve ever read (red) the bit below. No, below that; the bit in blue.

I do believe that wot follows should be carved into every desk of anyone in any position of authority. These positions would include, but not be limited to, all those in government of course, and civil serpents, council folk, leaders of religions, academics, the judiciary and police. In addition to the desk carving, all and every meeting of any of these offices of officialdom, when attended by more than one attendee, should start and end with the reading out-loud of the last paragraph – while holding hands. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll  ‘get it’. The lighting of scented candles would be optional and  obviously dependant upon permission being granted by their Health and Safety departments.

   “And I would have you always remember the purport for which there is a Parliament elected in this happy and free country. It is not that some men may shine there, that some may acquire power, or that all may plume themselves on being the elect of the nation. It often appears to me that some members of Parliament so regard their success in life — as the fellows of our colleges do too often, thinking that their fellowships were awarded for their comfort and not for the furtherance of any object as education or religion.
   I have known gentlemen who have felt that in becoming members of Parliament that they had achieved an object for themselves instead of thinking that they had put themselves in the way of achieving something for others. A member of Parliament should feel himself to be the servant of his country — and like every other servant, he should serve. If this be distasteful to a man he need not go into Parliament. If the harness gall him he need not wear it. But if he takes the trappings he should draw the coach.
You are there as the guardian of your fellow-countrymen — that they may be safe, that they may be prosperous, that they may be well governed and lightly burdened - above all that they may be free. If you cannot feel this to be your duty, you should not be there at all.”

Anthony Trollope

Tell me Tony, how did you know, all that time ago, that we would wind up being  ‘ruled over’ by such arrogant, despotic people who ‘should not be there at all’? Was it some sort of seventh sense that said to you it would be so? Let me know; one tap for ‘no’, two taps for ‘yes’ would help me understand.
WHOA!! What was that? Two loud taps!! Oh wait, there’s someone at the door...

Quote;  Anthony Trollope.

“There is, perhaps, no greater hardship at present inflicted on mankind in civilised and free countries, than the necessity of listening to sermons.”



A K Haart said...

Thanks for the link. It's a good comment by Trollope. Says it all but things never change - most are still in it for themselves.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
My pleasure.
By-the-by, in relation to your comment relating to ‘cringing’ I found, amongst the comments I remember not where, a couple of two word phrases that say it all so well;
'sandals and candles' - 'tea-lights and teddies.'
Enjoy your break Sir.
And a happy birthday to your Blog!