14 Jan 2016

And Then, New Estates....

A couple of days ago the news was buzzing with boy Dave’s pronouncement that, what he calls sink estates and old highrise apartment blocks, will be bulldozed and shiny new utopias will rise up on the sites. Not too shabby an idea David. But, unless I’ve missed a bit, there may be a little problem...

From all the announcements and news relating to this plan nobody seems to have woken up sufficiently to ask Dave a simple question. Assuming people are presently abiding in these houses and apartments, I’m guessing in great numbers, what’s the plan for those folk while the dozing and building bit gets done considering we can’t seem to be able to build homes of any sort in the numbers required right now?

Dave, please read this bit from before. Further to that bit, I would make a further suggestion to the roundabout idea. Once the three blocks are up and running on the four block site, I’d build the new block to be an updated ‘executive’ block thus, over time, folk move from ‘A’, starter, to ‘B’, family and finally  ‘B’ to ‘C’. Then, in time, from ‘C’ to the new ‘executive’ block thus everyone benefits over time. ‘B’ move up to the old  ‘executive’ block ‘C’ and ‘A’ to ‘B’. The circle would then just be a case of demolishing ‘A’, the starter block once vacated, and building a new, updated, ‘executive’ block and round and round we go.

Hay, if you’re smiling and consider me a lost cause, I’ll use the same quote from before. Happy now?

Quote;  Lauren Myracle.

“I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.”


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