5 Jan 2016

And Then A long Walk....

My little nest of vipers is once again incensed by the news. The news in question is this staggering bit of news that’s in the news.

When she/we reflect on  the fiery hoops of bureaucracy and numerous other obstacles placed in front of her, and the huge costs involved over the years before she was granted leave to remain, one has to be completely confused by the ‘system’. As I said to her, it seems that if you follow the rules to the letter, do all that’s asked of you, keep handing over the money, that’s bad and they want more. Make it here illegally and that’s considered good and you’ve ‘earned’ the right to stay.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t knock these fellows stowing away in trucks an’ such; it’s got to take some guts. Imagine, if you will, a bunch of our own youth chancing injury and gaol by climbing on trucks up north to get to London on the rumour of work down there. Or, conversely, climbing on trucks in London to get out on the rumour of  work to be offered. Can’t see it happening, can you? Not the first example anyway.

So you really can’t knock the walker as his aim was to get here by any means and making it on foot through the Channel Tunnel was a pretty ballsy way to do it.

The problem, as I see it, is not with the folk trying to get here, usually illegally, it’s our folk in power seemingly being clueless as to how to handle the situation they now find themselves in. And that situation isn’t going to get any better any time soon is it? In fact, our rabbits with power will still be crouching in the middle of the highway, transfixed, as the oncoming headlights of chaos get ever bigger and brighter.

Anyhoo, the fact a guy walked here, breaking numerous laws along the way, is then given four months free accommodation to give him the time, with, I’m sure, free legal advice and assistance, to prepare for his day in court where he’s duly granted leave to remain, has left her indoors totally speechless. See? Speechless; every cloud does indeed have a silver lining.

In similar news, I see Cologne rail station went through a period of ‘enrichment’ on New Year’s Eve.  Spookily, it took from the first to the fourth for that news to escape into the world.

Quote;  Charlie Brown.

“I've developed a new philosophy... only dread one day at a time.”

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