27 Jan 2016

And Then, A Little Privacy....

You may remember I mentioned a ‘problem’ I had with my modem router last December owing to unplugging a networked portable hard drive that was no longer being recognised. Both desktop and laptop computers had just gone through one of they Windows 10 update thingies where it says, ‘Do NOT turn off your computer, capiche?’

Anyhoo, try as I may I couldn’t get the portable hard drive to be recognised so left it unplugged.

About a week ago there was another Windows 10 cumulative update and shortly after I thought I’d try plugging him in again. Guess wot? It showed up on both machines straight away.

Now I sure aren’t pointing the finger at Bill’s boys as they’re hugely cleaver folk, right? Right? Really, how cleaver do you need to be? All they have to remember is zero and one, right? However, I admit that getting the right number of zeroes and ones in the right order may be a tad tricky as was made obvious by my, and I’m sure many others, problem.

As a by-the-by, as something some of you may find of interest and help, in a comment thread Ripper said he was in the process of installing Windows 10 and I pointed him in the Privacy Settings direction to limit what his machine was saying to the mother ship and vicky verky. I suplimented this with the rider that it was worth checking the chosen setting after any Windows updates as I’ve had my anonymous settings reset at times to full outward flowing ‘comms’.

Lo and behold and as further help to myself and fellow travelers, comes a comment from the good Ripper, copied and popped below. I’ll be watching the shouty man video this evening. Oh, here’s a link directly to the download for Spybot Anti-Beacon. If you have reservations about this sort of ‘system modifying’ software, remember to create a restore point before installing and running it.

You were spot on - There was an update and the privacy settings were shot again. I've taken drastic steps this time - all of those 'apps' like Mail, Cortana and Store are gone. So is that bloody audio driver (which came back every time it was uninstalled). I've found a way, contrary to what Microsoft will tell you, of using the Power Shell to delete all those apps. OneDrive is gone too.
But then, I also discovered that despite those apps not being there, Win 10 is still trying to phone home - to 38 different hosts, no less on my machine, using MY bandwidth. So I've found a way to silence those too.
If it takes your interest, this video will show you exactly what Windows 10 is doing. The chap in the video is a bit loud but note what he discovers about Edge. I also recommend you download and run the program from the link in the video information. Also run it after every Windows update.

Quote;  John Woods.

“Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”

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