9 Jan 2016

And Then Let’s Make The Bad Good....

Now alcohol has been deemed deadly, and smoking’s basically death on stilts and if you consume more than a rasher of bacon a year you’re signing your own death warrent, cast aside the Timidadians ‘ban all fun’ idea for a moment and see if you can spot a more cunning pattern emerging.

I’ll give you a clue. Remember a while ago I noted that almost all advertising, real and subliminal, had started featuring young fellows with full beards? What’s that all about I mused. Think on  that; think on the moves to wipe out smoking, the slow{?} moves to outlaw alcohol and the gentle start to scaring us off pork. See a pattern emerging now?

With the good fraus of Germany being advised it would be better to venture out in the company of a man (where have I heard that one before?) rather than alone and if they must go solo, to dress appropriately, what’s the chance, should we get a warmish summer, there’ll be an ‘official’ global warming skin cancer scare relating to soft skinned European ladies? Any chance the health ‘recommendation’ will be that they should stay indoors but if they do venture outside they should cover as much skin as possible in very cool, loosely flowing, head-to-toe, dark garments? See where it’s all pointing? Are we being gently coerced – sorry Mr Cumerbund – nudged into conforming with our new bestest ever friends? Do I need to dress in three piece tin foil kit and get out less?

Anyhoo, tin foil to one side, here’s an old one to celebrate those  who hate smoking, drinking and that new dark force, wild, wild feminism; enjoy, again, a classic rendition{ing?} of Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women,


Quote;  F. T. McKinstry.

“In the calm, deep waters of the mind, the wolf waits.”


Caratacus said...

Thank you for Red Ingle ... marvellous stuff! The previous best version I had ever heard was from Peter Sellers on the Muppet Show :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNrQQNwZegg

Mac said...

Happy to oblige. The Muppets were a close second but it just had to be Red.
This was another 'close call' contender;