8 Jan 2016

And Then I Spy A Pie ....

whilst out and about today, doing that weekly shopping thingy so beloved of us Brits, we noted it was way past lunch time and, being lovers of fine cuisine, cast about for an eatery.

Luck was on our side as we were only a pair of strides away  from a McDonald’s and the lunchtime rush an’ crush was over.

I had the chef’s plat du jour, a Big Tasty with bacon and fries, and then spotted there was a new, new to me, item on the ‘sweet trolly’. Now I’m sure all you fine diners out there will be familiar with, and have partaken of, the ‘classic’ McDonald’s  crispy apple pies and thus will be able to relate to wot I spotted and indeed sampled. A crispy mixed berry and custard pie.

All I can say to all you junk food aficionados out there is that one of these little beauties will never be enough and I believe it’s impossible to put a figure on an upper limit.

On the subject of junk, I see that the latest ‘evidence’ says that even being in the company of a fellow who had an alcoholic beverage sometime last week may kill you.

I have but one question for the Puritanical Timidadians; with all the stuff that has the slightest hint of pleasure attached to it being decreed by you to be potential killers, and said stuff having been around an awful long time, how is it possible that this little planet of ours is experiencing an over population problem? By your reckoning, shouldn’t the human race have enjoyed itself into extinction a very long time ago?

Quote;  Michael Lewis.

“Foodstuffs absolved of the obligation to provide vitamins and minerals cavorted with reckless abandon.”

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