20 Dec 2015

And Then An OLW Test....

This is a test. This is a test.

I just ran into Open Live Writer nightly build that is said to have addressed the connection problem with Blogger and if you’re reading this I guess it has.

The download link can be found here should you be interested. The site also gives details as to how to save your Blogger password to OLW; just follow the instructions with one word of warning which is probably not required as I’m sure you’re smarter than me; don’t change the string of characters that appear as your user name after you install Open Live Writer and it connects to Blogger for the first time during setup, just add your password, okay? Took me a while to figure that sucker out.

So all that’s missing now seems to be my list of Categories which didn’t ‘come across’ with the theme so I just type one in the bar provided, and a spel cheka. Hai, hoo reelie kneeds won? Weer grounups wot got a gud edukashun wen wee wos at skool, rite?

{A tiny secret; for now I’m using TinySpell.}

Quote; Lauren Leto.

“If you can spell "Nietzsche" without Google, you deserve a cookie.”

            Terry Pratchett.

“Nanny Ogg knew how to start spelling 'banana', but didn't know how you stopped.”


The Filthy Engineer said...

Thanks for that Mac. I've been looking for a replacement for live writer since mine failed a couple of months back.

Caratacus said...

Do you know, Mac, I read posts like this with the same slack-jawed mystification of a novice wizard given his first Book of Spells which he is expected to translate into meaningful English in order to pass his matriculation exams. It is a measure of the level of the technological sophistication with which I stand before the march of progress to observe that I am wondering whether or not to pop a blister nobly gained whilst loosing off a sheaf of arrows with old Benjamin J. Pugh the longbow this afternoon. I am beyond all help ...

Mac said...

Happy to help. Seems to be working okay so far.

Mac said...

You reckon I sound smart? Trust me, it’s an illusion based on words but in this techy world I hate to be beaten by a bit of tech that suddenly doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. From thereon my tech ability is down to using good ol’ Google, digging through the huge numbers of non-answers to find a hint of a cure and following the instructions, as best as I can decipher, to solve the problem. Do the stated reasons for the problem and the reasons the cure will work mean anything to me? Absolutely not, but If the cure works, I stick ‘em up here for those who don’t have the patience or time to trawl through the huge number of non-answers to the problem that are out there.
If you were to ask me a techy question and I was far from Google you’d get a blank look that’d make a normal blank look look bright.