4 Dec 2015

And Then, Here Comes Desmond….

Man, we're just out of the cupboard and what does the TV tell me? Damned if Desmond isn't on the way! Back in the box? The hell with it; I can't face hours herding her back in there. We'll just ride this sucker out in front of the fire. Wish us luck.

Following the tragic shootings in the US the news is that the FBI are still trying to figure out a motive. They're kidding, right? The guy had more ammunition and bombs than the RAF, and we're at war, and they're trying to figure out a motive? What's going on in the world? Is it any wonder I find myself playing The Illuminati Polka more and more? A number I used to find really amusing but with every passing day find more and more creepy.

In other news I believe Taser May's in Brussels having talks regarding the 'refugee' crisis. A perfect example of stable doors and bolting horses.

In my innocence, I thought the purpose these people in high office, with the countless advisors and analysts they have coming out of their wazoos, was to foresee crises situations and formulate a plan of action to minimise or totally avoid the formation of said crises; not to watch a crises build until it's pretty much totally out of control then think, "You know what? I think we need to talk about this crises."

Man, these folk can talk can they not? They talk then hold a press conference happily announcing progress was made and further talks will be held in a month or so. At every one of these press conferences, if you listen very carefully, you'll hear the unmistakable sound of an old tin-can being kicked solidly down the road.

Finally, we may be embarking on a pretty pointless war but you can't say we're being in any way sneaky about what we're up to as, thanks to the TV news channels, we're kept well up to speed with how many aircraft we have in total in Cyprus. We're also told each mission take-off time, the number of aircraft involved and what ordnance they're carrying. Thanks for that and let's hope the bad guys haven't got TV eh?

Fnord for now.

Quote;  Richard B. Spencer.

“Maybe the most dangerous thing about the “Illuminati” isn’t that such a master cabal has ever existed, but that some people believe it should and wreak havoc under the delusion they run the world.”

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