11 Dec 2015

And Then Common Sense....

Further to yesterdays post where I respectfully put a link to an open letter posted by Roger Helmer, MEP, the good Caratacus commented that he'd left a comment at that site. He also left it as a comment here. It's now been posted over there but I'm happy to bring it out of yesterdays comments to front of house;

Michael – I would have a lot more sympathy with Warble Gloamists if their efforts were as equally dedicated to planning for the inevitable effects of climate change as they are to making us all feel as though we were individually responsible for some unutterable human catastrophe. If we are to see sea-levels rise – do something about it … arguing about a degree here or there is patently a diversion and does not address the problem Mr & Mrs Smith have when their house is inundated due to p***-poor local planning. If we are to see increased rainfall or drought DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And I don’t mean beggaring about with ‘carbon-capture’ or trying to persuade emerging economies to be a bit careful in the future. Plan for these things because, it would seem, they are on their inexorable way no matter how many illustrious professors seek to bend the ear of utterly venal politicians who advance any cause that does not interfere with their own comfort. Handwringing, chucking blame hither and yon and allowing cynical governments to invent and raise taxes which do nothing to address the problem is not the way forward. Flood defences, intelligent food production and distribution, clean water for all, reliable energy production – these are the things which need intelligent minds to plan for. But that’s not quite as exciting as building bird-chopping windmills, or planting squalid and inefficient (if un-subsidised) solar gathering fields on soil which should be put to food production is it?
I’d better stop now as my language is threatening to drop to that of a three-badge stoker but believe me when I say that Mr Helmer seems to be a tad nearer the pulse of thinking souls in this country than you appear to be. But what do I know? Educated only to A-level standard (1971) and apart from a yellow stripe for swimming a width in 1959, I can only cite a lifetime’s experience dealing with excitable and knowledgeable fools with an axe to grind.

Personally, I can't argue with any of the above common sense points and, yet again, wonder why these very highly educated fellows seem to fail, so lamentably, when it comes to applying any of said common sense. 

It seems all these highly educated people holding high office all tend to respond with words such as 'buffoon' when having their ideas challenged or questioned with any alternative views. This seems to me to be childish in the extreme. I type this with some authority as  I  have the mind of a child. What happened to the combined thirst for knowledge at whatever the personal sacrifice?

In other news, if you're a tad overweight, or to use the really, really scary sounding word, obese, and are reading this, congratulations! If you're a tad overweight, enjoy a smoke and a drink and are reading this; you're a miracle as being overweight has now been declared a world wide threat only marginally less catastrophic than global warming and terrorism. Sadly, if you're an overweight woman, the chance that you're reading this is, according to the 'experts' pretty remote. RIP. 

Quote;  Zig Ziglar.
“A narrow mind and a fat head invariably come on the same person.”


Ripper said...

"wonder why these very highly educated fellows seem to fail, so lamentably, when it comes to applying any of said common sense"

Because there is no money in common sense. They are intelligent enough to realize that.

Mac said...

That's an excellent and so very true point.