13 Nov 2015

And Then A Nutter Reappears….

After pressing publish on yesterdays post apropos smoking nutters, I meandered over to Dick Puddlecote's place and ran smack bang into a nutter with an important job. In fact he's001 the Welsh Health Minister who's featured here before. A minister with a face you'd never tire of hitting. Why do all these 'ban everything' people look the same? They all look like they probably live under bridges do they not?

As mentioned last night, how do these people get to hold the positions they have? Isn't it obvious to those around him, after he's come up with this stunning idea, amongst other goony ideas, that he needs some serious help? One can only assume that those around him are equally nuts. I rest last nights case.

I do believe that trying to unravel this fellows head could occupy a trickcyclist for his entire career and well into said trickcyclists retirement.

Can you imagine anything more satisfying than hearing on the news that this guy has finally been sectioned and is now being held in a secure psychiatric unit and has been given the task, as an ex-important person, of mentoring a handful of smoking nutters to help them overcome the stresses and strains of now being unable to smoke and are thus rapidly going nuts on stilts. Would that be beautiful to behold or wot?

What can we do? I know, let's go down the pub tonight.


Quote;  Benjamin Franklin.

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”

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