15 Sep 2015

And Then, It's Not All Bad….

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I see in the news that the immigrant crisis is rapidly reaching crisis point with many countries declaring a crisis. My understanding of this news is that it's quite possible there's a crises a-coming.

Thankfully, there was a big EU powwow last night when various important people agreed that the rock and a hard place they'd got 'em selves into had, on the one hand got a whole lot rockier and, on the other, the hard place is now jolly hard indeed. After talking way into the night they reached agreement that there was, indeed, a crisis in the making and they really don't have a scooby-do what  to do about the crisis.

Not knowing what to do about the crisis, they've scheduled more crisis talks for later in the year to further discuss the crisis. Unless it resolves itself in the interim of course, with the bad boys burning their weapons, saying a really big sorry, peace breaking out and everyone going home.

Cheer up people; it's not all bad news, doom and gloom as I also note that North Korea has got it's nuclear thingies back up to speed and all running tickety-boo so they've resumed the production of weapons grade plutonium. So there you go; every cloud has a silver lining. Spectacular silver linings if they press the button in one of they petulant school-yard moments of, 'Oh yeah?'.

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“At first sign of crisis, the ignorant don’t panic because they don’t know what’s going on, and then later they panic precisely because they don’t know what’s going on."

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