4 Aug 2015

And Then, Early Doors….

Today was a day of early excitement followed later by disappointment with a little  sad bit between the early excitement and later disappointment.

Let's start on a high-tide. When I turned on my Windows 7 desktop computer this morning, joy of joys! Windows 10 is ready for me! For me! Just me! With mounting, hardly containable excitement, I clicked the button to indicate the process should start. Guess what? Start it did so I thought, so far so good.

It took a little over an hour all up and let me tell y'all, Windows 10 is so, like, totally, like, awesome!! Here are some of the incredible changes from Windows 7 I've come across so far;

1) It boots up noticeably quicker.
2) The Start menu, the lack of which in Windows 8 seemed to exercise so many people, is back, but as I use True Launch Bar I rarely used the Start menu in 7, never missed it in 8 so I'm guessing I'll continue to rarely use the Start menu in 10 now it's back. 
3) Errr….
I'll get back to you if I notice any other awesomeness.

Hay, it's the bit that makes software work, right? And all the software works the  same as it did before. What else do you want then?

I trust, when you get the upgrade, you'll select 'customise settings' and go carefully through the 'privacy' pages rather than letting Microsoft just go ahead with its 'recommended' install thus granting themselves the freedom to rummage around your hard-drive should they wish. If you've gone done and updated without customising, go to settings and change the privacy stuff to suit your own level of paranoia. This page may be of interest to some of you. It helped me;


The disappointment bit occurred late afternoon when I turned on the laptop, running Windows 8.1, to discover I still don't feature in the Windows 10 Update priority list. How weird is that then? 7 yes, 8.1 no. Although having sipped at the cup of Windows 10 I'm not too fussed if Microsoft cross me off the 8.1 to 10 list altogether.

The tad sad occurrence occurred while doing a little bit of early morning shopping at one of those big places they call garden centres. You know the ones I mean; huge places wot sell stuff for the garden in a little area out back with the rest of the vast store selling all kinds of everything you really don't need.

After a brief look round my little nest of vipers settled for a fruit cake from the food area. You noticed how the food areas in garden centres tend to fool even hardened, cynical shoppers into believing the food is all being prepared and packaged by little old ladies happily cooking away in warm, cosy farmhouse kitchens, using only locally grown produce, working from family recipes that have been handed down through the generations and thus well worth the seventy-five percent mark-up on the same cake you can get down Asda the ways.

It being quiet, the nice checkout lady was busy unpacking one of many big boxes. She was taking out long clear plastic tubes containing what looked like largish white sparkly balls.
"just taken delivery of some duck eggs I see." I said, somewhat humorously.
"No. It's the first of the Christmas decorations." She shot back; devoid of humour. "We open our Christmas display the first week of October and from now 'till then, it's chaos here."
"Oh my. How sad is that then?" I observed sadly.

With the transaction completed, and heading for the door, I turned and called, "Oh, happy Christmas by the way." to which she replied, "And a happy new year to you."
All I had left as we got to the door was, "And I hope Easter lives up to your expectations."

Upon arriving home, I checked to confirm that it is, indeed, just number four of the month of August.

Quote;  Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

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