21 Aug 2015

And Then, Back To Normal….

You remember I found that Windows 10 had quite a rapid start and stop? Well, right now it's  reverted to situation normal start an' stop. Then I spotted that at each shutdown it's installing huge patches. This, to dumb ol' me, would suggest Microsoft-in-the-head hadn't quite{?} got Windows 10 ready for release into the wild. This would also suggest that I am, indeed, on a preferential list of Windows 8 dot 1 users and will only be upgraded when 10 is perfect. I sure don't think breath holding is an option in this regard. Thanks Bill.

By the way Bill, it being Friday an' all, shall we hook up this evening? Sink a few brews and shoot the sh… shoot the code awhile?

Tune in tomorrow evening for a possible elaboration on a rumour going around relating to a whole hell of a lot of coders who're working round the clock on a special version of Windows 10 to run on a new generation of e-cigarettes. If Bill rolls out tonight I should be able to get the full SP off him after a few brews.


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