13 Jul 2015

And Then Some Follow-up….

With thanks to Caratacus for building on yesterdays post in the comments. Yo you people, please look back and read it.

Two questions spring to mind: What happened to all the true characters in the world? Has it been PC  corrected out of one and all? Secondly, and it's really tied into the first, what ever happened to all the fun in the world?

All this reminded me of something I copied from part of a Blog posting many, many years ago when Bogging was in its infancy. Such an infant was it that I didn't see the need to note the Blog name or its author and now have no idea who to thank or apologise to. I'm fairly sure the Blog went to sleep a short while after I copied the bit below.

The content sort of dates it and yet the message is timeless. I have no strong feelings either way for anyone or anything mentioned, it just makes me smile out loud every time I read it.

"……..Those of us who made it to Heaven will have a damned good laugh at the expense of all the sinners who now have to be judged. This is when we get our revenge on the thugs, the vandals, the slackers, the bed wetter's, the shirt lifters, the bed wetting shirt lifters, the prostitutes, the destitute, the loony left, the limp-wristed middle, the fascist right, the Australians, the Belgians, income tax evaders, Belgian prostitutes, Australian shirt lifters, travellers, hoarders, spendthrifts, the rich, the super rich, Paul McCartney and Wings, Dale Winton, travelling rich people who know Dale Winton, anyone called 'Wayne', BMW drivers, shirt lifting rich travelling fascist BMW drivers, the Liberals, the Democrats, the Lib-Dems, the Tories, the income tax evading Tories who vote Liberal, Daily Mail readers, sports teachers, Thatcher, Hitler, Dale Winton again in case we missed him first time, Ken Magnolia, anyone called 'Ken', mobile phone salesmen, Colonel Sanders, bed wetting sports teachers called 'Ken' and blokes in white jeans."

Quote;  Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“Never waste a minute thinking about people you don't like.”

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