30 Jul 2015

And Then, No Ten….

I turned on the Windows 8.1 laptop this afternoon fully expecting my VIP mega download from Microsoft but it wasn't to be. Hard to believe but I guess they've misplaced my details.

It's amusing, as you drift round the web-a-net looking for commentary on the new operating system, to see so many comments from people stating how excited they are that the big day{?} has arrived and can't wait for the download of Windows 10 to start. I mean, really, excited? How can you possibly get…. Wait!! Wait!! I think my update icon blinked!! No, nothing yet. As I was saying, get excited at the prospect of a huge download of a new operating system? Are these people for rea… It flashed! It definitely flashed that time!! No, nothing that time either.

There are folk out there who state they've been clicking on the update icon x number of times every hour since midnight for heavens sake. Gimme a break already….. Whoa! That was a defiantly a blinky icon!! Damn!! No, nothing again.

It's amazing how sad some people can be isn't it? I mean spending all day waiting for an icon to blink?

Anyhoo, that's all for today as I need to, like, totally concentrate on my update ico…. I have complex things to do in a spread sheet.

Quote;  Horace Mann.

“A house without books is like a room without windows.”

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