29 Jun 2015

And Then A Flower….

During a spell of pleasant weather yesterday my little nest of vipers ventured into the garden. Always a portent of work to come my way.

I wasn't to be disappointed in this respect as she came in and exclaimed she'd found room for one more plant. One more? Yeah, right.

"I want to get nice smell plant for by front door next to rose." She told me excitedly.
"Tell you what," I less than enthusiastically replied. "why not just leave the space empty and let wee…. wild flowers come and grow on their own? They will bring all types of flutter-by to brighten up the garden."

I left out the bits about the bugs attracting birds to eat 'em which in turn will bring cats to stalk the birds, closely followed by dogs who will chase the cats to no avail, other than wrecking the wild flowers, but will take the opportunity to perform their dogily bodily functions in the garden as most dogs are well trained not to perform these functions within a hundred meter radios of their own permanent place of residence.

She fixed me with those piercing, slanty eyes and said. "You stupid?" Actually, it was more a statement of fact than a question. "Wild flower bring bug that bring bird that bring…."
At this point I threw my hands up and towel in as I knew there would be no peace 'till I agreed with her and from past experience that, to quote John Sandford again, if she has a mind to she could nag the paint off a garage door.

"Are you paying for the plant?" I asked tentatively.
"I can do that." She said, somewhat cockily.
"Really?" I said, somewhat less cockily.
"You give me money; I pay at till. Wot so hard about that then?"

And so it came to pass we got a Mexican Orange Blossom which, during flowering time, a time we've cunningly managed to miss, promises to reward us with a wondrous scent or fragrance or smell. We'll see.

As a by-the-by, you know that favourite spot in the garden where you like to sit and do nothing? If there's no room in your boarder, get a big pot and plant half a dozen of these suckers. She done good picking these as the scent really is something else. May I humbly introduce Polianthes tuberose.

Quote;  Robert A. Heinlein.

“Butterflies are self propelled flowers.”

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