8 May 2015

And Then We Have A Winner…..

Well, that's over and it seems to have 'resulted' in a bit of a bloodbath today as it looks like the only guy not to quit is young Cummerbund as he seems to be the winner{?}. It's also apparent that it was a hell of a night/day to be called Ed. You've gotta laugh have you not?

The pollsters, pundits, experts, political analysts and spin doctors seem strangely quiet today. Why the silence? Did they all get it spectacularly wrong? I reckon, by rights, their self-sacrificial blood should be mingling with that of various leaders blood presently running down the gutter that's our electoral process.

Do I feel sorry for any of them? You're kidding, right? Okay, I do have a certain tinge of regret for one fellow. Mr Fromage, although a tad cheesy at times, is, nevertheless, the straightest talker on the present political scene and it's a shame he didn't make it if only for the entertainment value he would've instilled into those stage managed PMQ sessions. I'm sure, I hope, he'll be back in one guise or another. As sure as I am that the three Edmigos will refuse to lie down and give us peace.

What's next? Ah, ha! EU; in or out. Now that'll be a doozey.

Quote;  Seiji Maehara.

"I am sorry I couldn't complete my term as leader. It is necessary for my staff to resign to regain the people's trust."

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