27 May 2015

And Then We Come Up For Air....

As her indoors suffers from hay fever, I've recently done a little research and purchasing. She isn't a huge sufferer, it's more an occasional discomfort but you know what they're like. At the slightest sign of any minor ailment, they wring it for all the sympathy they can get and revel in being waited on hand and foot. Wait a minute. I may have got that lot the wrong way round.

Anyhoo, I looked around for something to help get her through the night without any hay fever type nasal or throat irritations and as clean as you can get a house, dust is still lurking, ready to be breathed so clean, dust, pollen free and scrubbed air seemed to be the place to start and from that, I moved forward to air purifiers. 

There's a dizzying array of air purifiers out there with a dizzying range of specifications and prices.

What to do? I picked a low price jobby so as to investigate further. The thinking behind this being that if it proves beneficial I can move upwards should the need seem worth it and if there's no noticeable benefit, then I haven't wasted too much kelly.

It's a fine line; expensive work far better than cheap? Go for gold first rattle out of the box? I decided to go with plan A.

If there's absolutely no benefit then of course I'll have wasted the money spent with nothing to show for it other than an empty box and some bubble wrap. Whoa! An empty box and bubble wrap to play with? That's okay then. Really, how good can it get?

Fast frontwards to today; it came and I plugged it in. I let it run for forty-eight hours, on high, in a spare room because, as with any electrical kit, it tends to smell somewhat when new and this proved true of this little thingy.

The smell dissipated and the only slight odour now is, I assume, ozone although I have no idea what ozone smells like if it even does smell and Google isn't that smart yet. Yet. If it is, indeed, ozone, it's a very unobtrusive, quite pleasant, fresh smelling smell.

Two nights of use, low setting, {there's no fan so no noise}and my little nest of vipers says the slight nose congestion sometime suffered through the night is gone and, as an added bonus, it seems she's had two straight nights without being awoken, at some stage, by snoring. When she mentioned this I feigned surprise and said I must sleep deep as I didn't even know she snored. This was met by a rather puzzled look.

This is my starting point and I'll report back in a couple of weeks but, as stated above, it's showing surprising promise.

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“I’m going outside to get a breath of fresh air. Anybody got a cigarette I can have?”


Ripper said...

So this little contraption takes dust out of the air??? Yipee! With one of those little blighters in every room that'll make the vacuum cleaner redundant! No more running around with dusters or impromptu impersonations of Freddy Mercury.. I don't have a little nest of vipers you see, just the nest now.

My work place has its own medical centre, complete with doctor, a team of nurses and a couple of ambulances. Every year each employee is sent for a check up (its really a disguised random drugs test). Among the tests carried out is lung capacity, and the 'fun' part is finding out your equivalent age from the test. One guy, around 60 years old, apparently had the lungs of a 108 year old, so the management told him that he could stop work each day, half an hour before dinner break and have a walk around the lake. This he has done religiously for 5 years now, partaking of 3 cigarettes on his way around. When he gets back dinner break commences, so he scoffs his dinner then runs out to the smoking shelter for another 5 cigarettes.

Mac said...

Don’t get too excited about no need to vac. After reading your comment, and as the beast has been running in squeaky clean, dust free environment, I checked those dust collecting plates and there was a definite indication of collected dust. That’s after only 3 days! And the room’s surfaces are still ‘dust free’.

Reading ‘users reviews’, yeah I know, it seems periods between hoovering and dusting adventures are extended somewhat but not completely eliminated. I have to say, even after such a short period of use, the air does seem ‘better’ in the bedroom.

Who knows? A further period of testing and I may be swayed to get another and try him in the living room.

Ah, the ol’ lung test. Always a bit of a wheeze eh?
Check the link below out as it relates to my last work medical. I watched a bit of news yesterday featuring the Queen, fully booted and spurred, giving a speech. She’s almost 21 years older than me, yet I look 21 years older then her. How can this be?


Ripper said...

Mac, don't put yourself down so.. Betty passed away almost 30 years ago after wiping her backside on the skin of a poisoned rabbit. Nowadays, for public engagements they use her Spitting Image puppet so as to thwart Charlie's plans of world domination. Its true - if you look closely you will see David Cameron's boots hanging out of her backside as he operates the rods and strings.

Caratacus said...

'They' do say that if one partakes of honey made by bees which forage in one's own locality, the incidence of hay-fever may be greatly reduced. Of course, this could be a tad difficult if one's domicile is just behind the municipal gasworks, but may still be worth the effort ...

Mac said...
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Mac said...

Love it and now I'm paying attention I do believe that BBC Dimbleby fellow's doing the 'voice-over'.....

Mac said...

Thanks for the tip although round here the bees seem to spend more time coughing than collecting stuff.