25 May 2015

And Then An Idea….

Further to our raven adventure… oh what the hay, let's call a spade a spade; our spade adventure…. no, wait! Our crow adventure, I got to mulling over my options for a few days hence when her indoors decides we should head to the vets to see how our big black buddy's getting on.

It was while pondering this probable problem that my memory gland kicked me in the head with this very old story.

A mum, dad and young son were holidaying in Blackpool and this day were taking a walk along the pier. As they approached the end the lad spied a guy standing behind an advertising board that informed the trippers that he was selling seagulls for five shillings each. The boy excitedly rummaged in his pockets and found he had just that amount of his holiday money left so off to the guy he trotted.
"One seagull please sir." said the lad, using the salutation taught in an education system that's now long gone, and handed over his money. The lad politely waited a while and then enquired,
 "Please sir, where's my seagull?"
"Ah, right! Let's be having a look." Said the seagull vendor looking up at the swirling hoards of gulls above. He pointed skywards and said to the lad, "See that one just a little bit to the left of all the others? That's yours."

So, in a few more days when we perchance to see a herd of crows I'll point skywards and exclaim. "Look!! Look up there!! It's……" I'm sure you can fill the rest in.

Assuming this ruse works, this'll be the last big black bird bulletin and crows and ravens will nevermore be mentioned.

Quote;  David Brent.

"Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue."


Caratacus said...

Wise man ... I am convinced that Corvidae will be the next intelligent species to take over after Man has disappeared. Dem clever, use tools, recognise faces, and play just for the hell of it. Your place in the annals of Corvidae history is assured :-) Incidentally, this little clip from YouTube gave me pause for thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dWw9GLcOeA

Mac said...

Thank you sir. I think....
Love the video and, assuming you get a choise while preparing to come back, a member of the Corvidar family has moved well up my list of choises.