20 May 2015

And Then Some Proper History….

I had another one of those moments you occasionally get from Blogs you read. This gem was on that nice John Redwood's Blog way down amongst the comments and thought me to myself and I, "Oh boy! I always loved that one!"

Round about now you're probably thinking, "Loved wot one then?" Right? Well. I'm going to tell y'all. Oh, you've gone.

If you happen to come back, possibly as the result of an erroneous click of the track-mouse, you'll find the full version if you click and search over at the truly wonderful, Make 'em Laugh link. However, to save having to go through the complication of moving that pointy, cursing thingy way over to the left, that's left as you look at the screen, and doing that searching stuff, just click here; Make 'em Laugh. It's the classic, The Magna Charter by Marriott Edgar.

Please remember to adopt an 'in-head' accent appropriate to way oop north should you be from one of those areas that, according to legend, lie somewhere in the mist to the south of Sheffield.

Nay lad, not that far oop north; that be Scotladoom. Get thee self down a bit. A lille bit more. Somewur close t' wur't cotton mills an' all used t' be. Got it? Then you're, like, good to go. Innit.

The pertinent verse, as noted in the comment where I ran into him, for this day and age wot we find ourselves in – or at – is the last verse;

And it's through that there Magna Charter,
As were made by the Barons of old,
That in England today we can do what we like,
So long as we do what we're told.

Quote;  Napoleon Bonaparte.

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon."


FrankC said...

Stanley Holloway would have done that proud.

Mac said...

According to the mentioned commenter, he says this was indeed done by Stanley Holloway. I'll do a little searching this evening.