13 May 2015

And Then It Gets Yet Sadder….

While watching the BBC news today, I couldn't fail but notice it was being presented by that pretty young lady, Joanna Gosling; I was delighted to be able to awarded myself nine out o' ten for observation on that one. A charming lady but I just can't stop my eyes being drawn to her mouth. Am I alone in getting the spooky feeling I'm watching and listening to a really big, slightly lispy, hamster? Or is it hamstress? Okay, alone I probably am.

My apologies girl and for some balance, have you noticed that nice fellow Robert Peston lately? To me, it looks suspiciously like he's slowly morphing into Worzel Gummidge.

                          156902   BwjzNMxCQAEzS1G

At this point I stopped typing and asked myself, "How much sadder can I get? Hello? Am I there? Or here?"**

Sad? Even sadder when you consider neither of the above folk has a bad word to say about me. As far as I know that is. However, that would probably change if either of them ever found themselves in the unfortunate position of actually having to meet me.

In other BBC news, have you seen their breathless headline?
Fraud probe in Nigel Farage-contested Thanet South seat

I wonder what subliminal  message that'll impart to the casual 'headline reading only' masses as they pass by then.

**At time of posting, answer there's been none.

Quote;  Jerry Seinfeld.

"It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper."

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