2 Apr 2015

And Then It's So Easy….

Where you sad enough, as was I, to watch the Daily Politics show today? In my defence, I didn't see it all and only came in for the last fifteen minuets or so.

Happily, that was the bit when they discussed what would happen, and what procedures would need to be followed, in the event of a hung parliament and the need to dissolve said parliament. Did you see it? Boy, was that riveting TV or wot?TV at its very best. Okay, I made that last little bit up.

Anyhoo, after being on the edge of my seat, and readily admitting I'm not the brightest colour in the catalogue, I came to this conclusion; is there anybody in the world, including those who put together the procedures wot must be followed, and every permutation of said procedure, who has the slightest idea how it would work? And what procedures must be followed to ensure the resulting procedure had been followed in a procedurally satisfactory fashion? Or, to simplify my question, what the hay were they talking about?

As per yesterdays post, let's play with words; just one word.

By the simple expedient of changing one word we end up with something I feel most folk would be more than to happy to accept as an absolutely perfect procedure.

A hung parliament? Let's see what a hanged** parliament looks like.

**The only proviso I have to the above is that, owing to the countries world-beating, progressive education system, the meaning and usage of the word 'hanged' may be totally lost on anyone under forty. To maintain balance, with advancing years, I may have the meaning and usage of 'hanged' completely wrong.

Quote;  Samuel Johnson.

“Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

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