24 Mar 2015

And Then It's Lost….

While I….. Sorry? No, I'm fine it's just that things have been quiet here with no news to poke fun at and no major incidents at home and add to that the fact I seem to have lost inspiration and you'll understand the lack of typing recently.

With the regards the very sad news today of another air disaster, it saddened me further to see how the rolling news channels did their best to wring every second out of such a terrible incident. The height of insensitivity was reached when some 'news' lady asked some 'expert' what the passengers would have been doing once they realised the plane was crashing. It doesn't get much sadder than that.

Those were the words as close as I remember as, when I reached for the little note book and pen i always keep to hand for such occasions, it wasn't there. I'll look for it later and will probably find it in an obvious location that's always the last place I look. With any luck, it'll be right next to inspiration.

In other news I see Mr Cummerbund has been booed and heckled by pensioners. I thought us pensioners were made of stouter stuff than that! Come on us old of Old England!! Next time one of us gets in range, boo and heckle 'em? Boot and head-butt the boy is what's needed!

Bringing up the back, for all my old Australian friends – okay, for my old Australian friend – How ya doin' Big D? is this old track I ran into, after all these years, by the Black Sorrows, a great band out of Australia. The country that also, sadly, gave us Neighbours.

Quote;  P. J. O'Rourke.

"Australia is not very exclusive. On the visa application they still ask if you’ve been convicted of a felony – although they are willing to give you a visa even if you haven’t been."

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