8 Feb 2015

And Then A Number….

Continuing along the lines of yesterdays highly technical post, here's another aimed at folk with a similar IQ as I and thus incapable of remembering their mobile phone number.

I appreciate this is no big deal but I discovered some time ago that the times I'm asked for this number seems to be increasing. Most times it's best to just look a bit dim, something I can do effortlessly, and enquire what a mobile phone is, but sometimes I go along with the request.

Yes, it is findable on the phone and I can do that but it takes an awful long time for old me to get there and the method, relatively simple though it is, is instantly forgotten.  As such I came up with this idea which may be of interest to you and may work for some of you. It does work well for me.

It's really dead easy to do and is a perfect little project for when the only thing on TV worth watching is Law and Order but is, sadly, the episode you've seen so many times you know the words better backwards than the actors seem to know 'em forwards.

Are you ready? Pick a photo you like. Crop it to a good size. Insert a text box, type in the mobile number, select font, font size and colour. Select a background colour for the text if you wish. Save the new picture, send it to your phone and select it as your wallpaper. This bit took me a couple or three goes 'till I got the number position in the photo to jive with  the various phone information bars an' such.

There you go, and below is a mock-up to give you the general idea. There may well be other ways to do it I'm unaware of but this is so simple I'm amazed there isn't a mind-bendingly complex App out there to do it for you! At two pounds a pop of course. If I was young and smart and knew where to start, I'd build an App myself.


In other news, please go over to No Tricks Zone, although I'm sure you've already been there if you're a lover of windmills, and see how well those suckers are doin'.  Love this bit;
"Theoretically that means 85.2% of the rated capacity did nothing the entire year. Imagine a company where only one of seven workers ever show up for work."

Quote;  Margaret Heffernan.

"The cell phone has become the adult's transitional object, replacing the toddler's teddy bear for comfort and a sense of belonging."

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