24 Jan 2015

And Then They Be Back….

A little bit after a while ago I put up a post entitled The Beggars Banquet which related to various charities TV theft campaigns. Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed that ol' Mr Ursus Maritimus has made a come-back along with penguins and the old Number One, the snow kitten.

Guess what, despite all the money they've hauled in for their species and their environment protection racket, the current stock of polar bears, penguins and snow cats are still rapidly depleting owing to their still rapidly melting habitat. Is this not, at best, a breach of advertising standards or, at worst, fraud as it's continually been reported that ice extent has been at or above average through all recent seasons, polar bear numbers are, reportedly, on the up big time and there has been no recordable increase in global temperatures for eighteen years and three twelfths of a whole one. Not sure about penguin numbers and not sure how you'd count those fellows.

Overheard at a WWF get together somewhere posh and expensive.
"Ah, WWF counting person. How are you now? Almost fully recovered?" enquired the head of propaganda.
"Well, despite being reassured that those cats would be happy to see me and treat me like one of their own once I got that snow blower blowing, the mauling I got from those fangy furry feet of theirs is taking some time to heal." replied the downcast counting person.
"Well, sorry about that but now we need you to go down amongst the ice and various other locations and count the penguins."
"You are kidding right? There's millions of those suckers!"
"There may well be millions of those suckers, as you put it, but that's not a figure we wish to see in your final report. Got it?"
"Oh, right! It needs to be a scarily low begging figure. Got ya!!"

And I reflected, after refusing to drop money in the begging bowl, as ever, how would I react if I woke to the news tomorrow that polar bears and/or penguins had become extinct? 'Ah well, that's a shame' would just about cover it and my life would go on. Are they essential to every day life? I feel we humans are in far more danger of becoming extinct than a whole hell of a lot of stuff out there and let's be honest, when was the last time you were in the garden, the kitchen or anywhere, and you thought, "Damn! If only there was a penguin here to help."

Think about this – Think how blessed we are that the dinosaurs departed this world before we and WWF arrived.

Quote;  P. D. James.

“Of the four billion life forms which have existed on this planet, three billion, nine hundred and sixty million are now extinct. We don't know why. Some by wanton extinction, some through natural catastrophe, some destroyed by meteorites and asteroids. In the light of these mass extinctions it really does seem unreasonable to suppose that Homo sapiens should be exempt. Our species will have been one of the shortest-lived of all, a mere blink, you may say, in the eye of time.”


Ripper said...

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Mac said...

I'd pay a fiver for that.
Oh dear; we're going to hell aren't we?

Ripper said...

I hope so Mac, I hope so.. Wherever we go will be a better place.

Mac said...

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”
― Aldous Huxley