11 Jan 2015

And Then Sound Words….

A a million and a half people walk round Paris, and let’s hope they all managed a toilet break before starting off, Dave Cummerbund has said something that, if smarter people than me pick up on it, could be one of those moments of monumentally unintended consequences.

here’s wot he said as reported by the BBC;
Speaking ahead of the Paris unity march, he said we can only defeat this threat by "confronting the poisonous narrative of Islamist extremism wherever we find it."

See what he’s given away? No? Okay, let’s drop the Izzy word and insert, Oh, I don’t know, how about Global Warming? See? It works just as well and is of equal value. What else? Anti-smoking? Alcohol prohibitionists? E-cigs must be banned? We hate fatty foods? Prohibit fast food joints near schools? Twenty miles per hour speed limits in all towns? No salt on my watch nutters? And we mustn’t forget quangos and fake charities must we?

All the above could be considered topics for meaningful grownup debate but, sadly, have all, and many more beside, been high-jacked by extremists.

Come on Dave, great words so let’s have at ‘em and, as you so rightly say, confront the poisonous narrative of extremism wherever we find it.

Quote;  Vladimir Putin.

“It is necessary to suppress any extremist actions, on all sides, regardless of their origin.”

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