10 Jan 2015

And Then Rolling News….

Watching the rolling news relating to the appalling events in France, what have I learned from the countless ‘reporters’ repeating each others reportage while standing outside buildings, or in the middle of roads or fields, or next to hazard tape?  For one, I now know what je suis means. I also never realised there were so many differing pseudo French pronouncements of ‘Charlie’ available to give the impression the reporters are super cool international jet setters and thirdly, how many miles of hazard tape must be used, world-wide, yearly. So all-in-all, what I actually learned of any import was absolutely nothing I couldn’t figure out for myself.

The other thing that’s painfully obvious to me, and I hope to those in charge, given the chaos created by just three loons, is the total chaotic meltdown there would be if one hundred, nay, fifty, of these nutters managed to combine to coordinate  a same day, same time country-wide kick-off.  But, by the simple dint of them being nutters, they’ll be incapable of coordinating complex stuff so it’ll never happen, right? Right?

Quote;  Bauvard.

“People who practice freedom of expression are terrorizing our grammatical way of life.”

      Joichi Ito.

“If we destroy human rights and rule of law in the response to terrorism, they have won.”


Ripper said...

Something isn't right about this Mac, how could the 'je suis Charlie' campaign be in full swing, with professionally printed placards etc, only 1 hour after the incident? I feel there seems to be more to this than meets the eye. Those guys were too professional to be simple terrorists and on watching the bits of video and looking at the pics, there was no blood when the cop got shot, that appeared later.

Mac said...

Good point, well spotted. I saw your comment then went to Google News and guess what, right at the top was this spooky bit from the Telegraph;
“David Cameron will fly to Washington for urgent security talks with President Obama this week, in the wake of the Paris killings and the growing threat from "cyber" attacks over the Internet.”

I’ll leave it to you to figure out upon whom the full weight of any new draconian laws deemed necessary to ‘protect’ us fall....

Ripper said...

Before someone comes in and calls me a tinfoil hatter, may I direct you to this bit of video from August 2013. Remember the Syrian genocide that was all over the news?


I'm very sceptical about all mainstream news now.

Mac said...

Yup, scepticisam is the name of the game. Is there something big in the making, under cover of fear, that will shortly be barreling down the line? I hope not as, sadly, we're all tied to the tracks.