25 Nov 2014

And Then Yet More….

So Mr Cummerbund is going to give the security services several million more magic money then.

You know what? If, a long time ago, they’d been a tad more fussy about who rolled up here we may have been able to use that non-existent money for something else.

Having an ‘open house’  for fellows with totally incompatible belief systems to ours was bound to present ‘problems’ eventually. But then, unbelievably, they compounded the problem by running off and invading and bombing countries who’s populations have the same belief systems as the people they just let in here and they expected everything to remain hunky-dory. This shows a little lack of lateral thinking on our leaders part don’t ya’ thunk?

It seems that, despite the many millions of billions that it’s cost to ‘keep our streets safe’, we’re now so unsafe even Facebook’s in the frame.

You know what? If we’d had decent doormen back a ways, and kept well out of various playground tiffs, all those squillions could’ve gone a long way to putting a Bobby back on the beat on almost every street to keep ‘em safe. No, not in a car. Just in big boots. Lace-ups.

Remember those days? When the guy on the beat knew most folk on their streets. The old, who they’d check on from time to time – especially on cold winter days. They knew who was on holiday so would give their doors a periodic rattle in the night. Where the local hooks, crooks and comic singers hung out. And even took time to have a street footy kick-about with the local kids. Remember that?

That would’ve worked again - but to be told, after wasting so very much to make our streets safer, that we’ve never been less safe sounds like something out of ‘Alice in a Parallel Universe Through a Wormhole With a Jolly Big Rocket Propelled Rabbit’ does it not?

Quote;  Michael Marshall.

“Terrorism isn't James Bond or Tom Clancy. Even al-Qaeda is looking old school these days. Now it's just some guy with a bomb. He walks the same roads as us. He thinks the same thoughts. But he's got a bomb.”


Anonymous said...

Invest more in soothsayers/mediums/astrologists maybe?

Maybe a coven of 'woooh is anybody there supplicants' could have held a seance or three and with a little help from those who saw and told of the dangers of this years ago and now turn in their graves, between them have told those in charge but busy lining their own pockets, the bleedin obvious.

That if you allow already hostile (to your way of life) fifth columnists in vast numbers to infiltrate, then bomb the crap out their brethren, that its everso slightly possible that trouble might follow.

The same advice would have been freely available had TPTB asked any normal man in the street.

More to the point have those responsible for our present ills ever met a man in the street.


Mac said...

I doubt they'd know what a 'man in the street' was even if they bumped into one while doing their shopping in Asda. Oh, wait a minute....