12 Oct 2014

And Then A Sunday Sing-a-Long-a-Song….

Recovery mode has now started full-time as the last, solo, ladder jobbies are now complete. The last jobby? The painting of the rendered sections of the exterior walls. All done and ready for winter now. Oh, wait a minute! When do you cut back roses?  More to the point, do I really care? The ladders from Hell will be collected on Monday and to celebrate I may hang bunting. Or the ladder fellow.

In other news; Dave, as young as you be, I felt sure you’d be familiar with the old Edgar Hoover saying concerning enemies, tents and urination but apparently not as I see that the guy you kicked out of your tent a little bit after a while ago is now starting to pour problems into your tent.  Mr Booker does his thing also.

You going to call Crazy Davey in for one of they Cobra lookin’ dealy-bobs? It’s just one damn thing after another eh Dave.

I feel the current protests by dairy farmers may be pretty pointless as, according to that article, “……..to hit the target Britain must build 2,500 wind turbines every year for 36 years.” How cool is that! Then add the plans to build, what, one or two hundred thousand houses a year over the next forever and there just won’t be any room for a bunch of cows and that green stuff they seem to like eating anyway.

Anyhoo, here’s a song I’m guessing you, like me, can instantly relate to. Happy days!

Quote;  Bill Bryson.

“Sometimes it rained, but mostly it was just dull, a land without shadows. It was like living inside Tupperware.”

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