5 Oct 2014

And Then Rain Didn’t Stop Play. But May….

So far, so average. Rain cascading off the roof and down our pants really didn’t help and the further fact that it was cold rain didn’t actually lift our spirits a whole hell of a lot either. Sunday was a half day which, on reflection, should possibly have been a very long day as, looking at the forecast, Monday maybe a totally blown away wash-out.

On the up-side, if Monday’s a wash-out, it’ll give my body a chance to realign itself. On the down-side, I doubt a day will be long enough and probably just long enough to make starting again total agony. Right now I feel like I’ve been run over by several double-decker busses – or repeatedly run over by the same double-decker bus. The number of double-decker busses involved is immaterial; I hurt from tip to toe. In fact, the only bit of me that’s not aching and complaining at this moment  is  just one hair in the top row of my left eyebrow.  That’s the last brown one hiding amongst the grey by the way.

Let’s have a couple of tracks, featured here before in one guise or another, relating to ladders and the coming off or going under thereof.

We haven’t, at time of writing, done any of this. But have discovered we can do this with, at time of writing, no ill effects. By the way, that last one is on my ‘all-time tracks I like quite a lot’ list.  A ‘lonely’ sort o’ sound is it not?

Quote;   Bum Phillips.

“You don't know a ladder has splinters until you slide down it.”

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