8 Oct 2014

And Then, It Be Done….

Recovery mode beckons as the gutter an’ stuff project is done and dusted. All went pretty much as planned and, other than the inclement weather, was completed on time, almost, and in budget, just.

Working up the ladders was no problem for me, as adverse to heights as I am, and I’m proud to announce that, even with the total absence of safety plans, safety permits, fall arrestors, funny coloured jackets, safety barriers, a watchman, hard-hats, steel-toed flip-flops and hazy-gazy safety glasses, it went like a dream. I’ve had many a better dream but considering how it could’ve gone – a dream.

On the down side, other than the wind and rain, we managed to source the heaviest ladders known to man and moving those suckers was a whole different deal. I’m not quite sure where I was when I was appointed ‘Chief Ladder Mover’ but, as old and weak as I be, It was me wot woz appointed to be that person.

Being ‘Chief Ladder Mover’ is the most likely reason that I hurt in every fibre of my body right now.

What to do? How about shaking my body back to normal. Right now I’m moving about like a robot but this evening I’m going to dance along to this. {Headset recommended. And give it bass!} And I hope you’re all joining in at home…… Ah, Caravan Palace. Don’t you love ‘em? Old meets new.

Quote;  Ann Richards.

“After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

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