24 Aug 2014

And Then, Farewell….

No, sorry to disappoint you, not me. Farewell to the good Captain Ranty who informs us he’s heading for SA and a new job.

He’s also informed his readership that the future of his Blog is in some doubt. Don’t be fooled by this – he has no idea how to stop Blogging and the only comment to make regarding this statement is that we look forward to reading of your SA experiences. Personally, I’m betting he’ll be typing on the flight down there…..

Okay Captain, here’s your ‘starter’ for some cool, mellow sounds for kicking back through the balmy SA evenings. Hay!! Why’d you stop it? Oh, come on!! Let it run; it’s cool….. Okay, slide along three minutes and you’re into Enigma sounding territory. How’s that then?

And here’s a bit of ‘right-on’, we’re all one under the sun stuff from a long ways back by that radical Mr Clegg. Pardon? No, not that one, Johnny Clegg. Yo, Captain, may I offer a little advice? It may prove advantageous to learn some of Johnny’s subtle moves now so’s you’re ‘good to go’ for a Saturday night out when you get down there.  Just a thought……

I’m sure you’re keeping an eye on that Icelandic volcano. Could be better to leave the UK a tad early rather than face the embarrassment of being two weeks late on your first day.

And so from this side of the Foggy Mirror, may I wish you, once more, good health, good luck and, most importantly, good fun.

Quote;  Roman Payne.

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mac.

You are a man amongst men.

Thank you for the music, and thank you for the tips!

I have to go to Holland first to pick up the toys (phone, laptop etc) so I will definitely keep an eye on that volcano.

Back in 2010 it took me three days to get home from Libya. Planes, trains and automobiles....it was frustrating, but I laugh about it now.

You stay well. Best wishes to you and yours.


Mac said...

My pleasure Captain. And thanks. Have good days.