8 Jul 2014

And Then A Showing….

Please don’t concern yourselves regarding my absence from these pages. Say what? You hadn’t realized I hadn’t been here? That’s cool with me as, basically, I only type in this space for me, myself and I as it’ll be the only bit of me I’ll leave behind that’s ‘out there’ when I depart this mortal coil and available to the occasional rambling, stumbling, bumbling browser of the future who may spend a moment here and finally move on thinking, “Whoa, that guy was nuts! I like it.” I hope.

And, strangely, every time I get the chance to peep past the password, into my side of the Foggy Mirror, there’s just another blank page begging to be typed upon.

Anyhoo, it’s been the garden wot’s been consuming my time and energy since the return of my little nest of vipers. That and catching up on proper stuff that’s been neglected while involved with that project stuff. And it’s amazing how proper stuff accumulates when ignored for some time.

You know what? I do believe I’ll continue to ignore proper stuff and just go fishing again.

Quote;  J. M. Barrie.

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”

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