15 May 2014

And Then A Sticky Situation….

It may seem like an attention grabbing heading but all isn’t as it seems as I’m about to reveal.

With a couple or three projects underway and me multitasking, I became momentarily stumped with the simple job of fixing a length of wooden glass beading up top. Why? That’s a whole other post let me tell ya.

So, how am I to fix this eight foot length of floppy wood up there? Nails? Screws? Nah. When I say, nah, I really mean It’d work but look terrible. Like something I would bodge up. And paint.

Whilst prowling the isles of the big destruct-it-yourself store I chanced to see, along the plaster filler, wood filler squeezy tube ally an item described as Grab Adhesive with the further revelation; no more nails – will stick anything to anything with instant grab. Thought I to me, you be the product!!

Back in the battle zone, I applied liberal quantities of ol’ instant grab to both surfaces and, starting in the centre, stuck that sucker up. I regained floor level, turned round to admire my handy-work just in time to see the item floating to earth.

What to do? Read the tube I guess.
Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Check.
Apply adhesive to both surfaces. Check.
Press together the two items applying pressure. Check.
Maintain pressure for ten minutes. Che…. Waaaiit a minute!

Is this new? For how long has ten minutes been the same as ‘instant’ and how did I miss that addition to the space-time continuum?  I will beat it, fear not.

In other high-tech news, and a sad reflection on what and where we are, there was a lady on the radio who was talking about something  and mentioned that allotments where a great place for friends and fellow allotment keepers to meet and….. indulge in conversation? No. Share ideas? No. They’re great places for groups of people to network. Network? They’re making it up, right?

I’m guessing this human networking interaction stuff started about the same time as ten minutes became instant. Hay, what do I know?

I’m away to ponder the beading situation.

Quote;  Bernard Marcus.

“We could be the biggest pantyhose seller in America, but we don't want to weaken the link in shoppers' minds between Home Depot and do-it-yourself projects.”


Ripper said...

Mac, try Evo Stick 'Nail and Seal'. Its a bathroom sealant, can be painted over, doesn't dry solid like No More Nails. Once that stuff takes hold you won't get it back off without destruction.

Mac said...

You know what? I was just about to pick that up - Evo-Stick is good - when I saw 'instant'. Back to the store tomorrow I guess. As ever, thanks.

A K Haart said...

If the surface is right I sometimes use wall tile cement for these jobs. It seems to grab and hold wood just as well as tiles. It dries solid though, so there's no going back.

Mac said...

It’s also interesting to note that when any item is coated with ‘instant grab’ adhesive, pressured into positioned, fails to grab instantly and falls, landing butter side down, as does toast, the item will instantly grab anything and everything it comes into contact with upon it’s feather-like landing.

Anonymous said...

It may not work so well, but it's a great name. http://www.screwfix.com/p/evo-stik-sticks-like-sh-t-sealant-clear-290ml/87228

Mac said...

Hard not to give a product with a name like that a go. You've also gotta admire the courage of the marketing guys in this day and age!