19 May 2014

And Then It’s All Work….

It’s all work and no play here right now so I’m flat-out like a lizard drinking but I thought I’d better pop in and make sure things are as I left them.  All seems cool and as best I remember, everything’s where I left it although I’ve only checked the top row to date. It seems okay so far; the  ‘Q’ is still there at the left, followed by the ‘W’, then comes an ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘T’ and so forth along to the straight line brackets with wriggly line brackets above thus, to date, it’s all lookin’ tickety-boo.

Other than work, while watching, listening and reading the news the last several days it do seem, as said before, there’s only one political party taking part in those EU lookin’ elections and the boss of said party, Mr Mirage, has really, really upset a whole mess of people.  I do hope he doesn’t take too many country walks. Alone.

Funny thing about slinging mud, it’s quite surprising how often the mud completely misses the slingee and ends up whirling round, boomerang-like, and hitting the original slinger. Then it quite often becomes almost impossible to remove. You get that all you mud slingers? Beware, it’ll come back, hit you and could well Stick Like Sh*T.

Oh, and another couple of bad boys – really bad boys, ran away for a couple of extre days while on a day out from their prison. So much for ‘lessons learned’ on that one then.

With each passing day it becomes increasingly obvious to me that there’s absolutely nobody in charge of this country. At least not a grownup.

But there is a bit of good news out there. From some time in June there’ll be a new TV channel. I mean, is that cool or wot? This channel’s called ITV Encore. Hay, wait a minute. Encore? Play it again Sam? You know what? If they where honest they’d just call it ITV Repeat, right? Or not bother at all. Cancel that as it’s another advertising outlet isn’t it?

It’s right up there with that other classic con – catch-up TV. Catch-up? Catch-up TV? They have got to be kidding. What’s to catch-up then? Everything seems to repeat an hour later anyway.

Quote;  Ludwig Wittgenstein.

“Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.”

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