30 Mar 2014

And Then Some Vaping Kit….

Sorry, this is another hobby post but be of good cheer, there’s music as well so if you have no interest in vaping feel free to jump straight to the song.

But wait!! You interested in the Illuminate? No? Skip the song, read the quote, go get a drink. You like Polka? No? Definitely skip the song, read the quote, go get a drink. Have I piqued your curiosity? Get a drink, sit back, click the link and I promise, despite all the above, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Ready? Hobby bit below.

Please refer to Ripper’s comments attached to yesterdays post. It seems, by the depth of his comments, that he’s most kindly given up his Sunday to post some useful, first-hand information to help me and anyone out there who may be considering giving vaping a go. Just follow his links which, assuming I’ve got it right, relate to the kit-in-pictures shown below. I agree; it does look a tad scary doesn’t it?

tecc-egocplus   Air   ProTank2

I promise I’ll stop sounding like a stopped smoker after this post. I’ll just say that if you’re, like I was, a smoker that wants to stop smoking but doesn’t want to stop smoking, this could be your answer. My answer it most definitely was. Chest better, heart no longer doing it’s best to burst and my teeth already five shades whiter. Okay, okay. My teeth already five shades of brown lighter. Happy now?

To anybody who’s still here, you’ve been very good and for that I thank you. Your reward is the promised music and, as I said above, I know you’re going to enjoy it. Fnord for now.

Quote;  Bob Marley.

“None but ourselves can free our minds.”

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