17 Mar 2014

And Then A Mixture….

After completing my browsing of the news on the Web-a-Net this morning I went on to ferret around, here and there,  in search of little pearls. What did I find? I found this; and if you want to read the piece, it’s here. You’re probably thinking, “And?”  And the headline reads thus;
HS2 Benefits To North Could Be Delivered Six Years Earlier, Says Chair.
You’re probably thinking, “And?” And after the article, a little way down in the comments, is this from
”A chair said all that?”

Leaving that and voyaging off via Dick Puddlecote, I ended up in the USA reading the news, on a site I forgot to bookmark but managed to flog my way back to, that Kentucky has given up on trying for a state-wide ban on smoking in shared public spaces and places of employment. Yet again, it’s a commenter who, for me, steels the show;

Scott Ewing, Lawton, Michigan
”The problem is less with the paid shills, but rather with the incredibly gullible that believe their twaddle. 950 deaths? Please provide the death certificates. The fact is that the 'deaths from second-hand smoke' ONLY exist in a computer program owned and programmed by these same shills. One could ask a computer 'if pigs could fly, how many a year would crash?' It would provide you with a number. Based on that number, we MUST pass legislation to protect people from these pigs falling out of the sky!”

If we had no computers, we’d have no computer models so quite possibly not even any climate change. I guess we’ll never know. Unless there’s a computer model out there that’ll tell us?

Another commenter,  Michael J. McFadden, has  a lovely line; “NicoGummyPatchy Big Pharma.”

Many thanks to these commenters for making my Monday morning so much brighter than it already was.

By the way George, how’s that  announcement you blurted out about building a new garden city down south the way working out for ya? Did you mean a water garden city? Slog over here for the full SP.  Seems it’s rolling along pretty well now. Nice one George. Hay, you know those folk you get round to help you with grownup stuff? Get some new ones.

While you’re Slogging, try this. I know, I know, you’ve been over there already, right?

Quote;  Albert Einstein.

“If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.”

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