15 Mar 2014

And Then Eyes Glaze Over….

So I pulled up outside the building site, opened a window and enquired of a scaffy if the workshop was closed for refurbishment or open in some secret and mysterious way for the provision of glass. I was advised to head to the back and enter there as the shop was indeed open for business.

After locating a parking place, approximately a hundred meters from our starting point, and taking a leisurely walk back, stopping for lunch along the way, we located the rear of the premises. This proved relatively easy as it was directly behind the front.

An open door beckoned so we entered an empty, silent, dismantled reception area. Two further open doors led off form each side of this area. Close to hand is an old lamp. A map and some food and water are on an old desk. Damn!! You remember those wondrous text adventures? Do you? Excuse me a moment – I need a quick Google.

Okay, I’m back. Recognise this type of stuff?

Living Room
The living room is small; the big couch takes up almost all the floor-space. Not that you're complaining. It's the best Harvey can afford right now and until your drawings really start to sell you aren't contributing much financially. Some of your sketches hang on the walls above the TV and the squat cinder-block-and-boards bookshelf. Through a wide arch in the northwest corner you can see most of the kitchen and to the northeast is the bedroom. The door to the cement-floored outside hall is to the west.

If you have any hint of a bit of interest, there’s a bunch of ‘em here.

Back in my own adventure, suddenly, the sound of a power tool emanates from the left hand open door. This seemed like a pretty good clue as to where people could be so I stepped inside.

There was a guy tucked underneath a sink unit. Becoming aware of my presence, he slowly extricated himself, banged his head, looked up and said, not sounding or looking overly happy, “Yes?”
Not wishing to appear rude, I replied, “Bang your head then? Doing a bit of plumbing eh? I’m not much of a plumber myself so I won’t offer to help you. He he he he. Did you hear that joke? Oh, how does it go now. Got it! You ready? You’ll love this!!
Why did the plumber fall asleep at work? His job was draining! Ged it? Drains? He he he he he. Right, w
ot I was wondering is if you made up double glazed panels to measure. Not the frames; just the glass bits to fit in the frames already in place. I have two windows wot are getting condensation between the panes which would suggest the vacuum has blown – is that the right terminology? Blown? Anyhoo, if you do I was just here to enquire as to a rough price for this service. If you provide this service that is. How do you cost? By the square foot or meter’s my guess but my guessing is as poor as my plumbing! He he he he he he.”
”You done? You going to breath now?” came the unequivocal answer.
”That I am. And will. He he he.” I replied as a small bell started a slow tolling at the back of my head.
”When you stumbled into my world, was it last week? you inquired as to if I be doing a bit of plumbing and probably the worst joke I’ve ever heard.”
”That I did.” I answered as became aware that the bell was getting louder.
”That was a pretty accurate summation of what I was doing at the time because – Hay! Can you hear bells? Never mind. Because, you ready? Because I’m a plumber.”
”I’m a plumber busy plumbing in this room of disarray. However, if you re-trace your hoof-prints, pause and then step through the door to the right you’ll find yourself in the company of glaziers who may be able to answer your ramblingly question although that question could well put even hardened glaziers to sleep.”
”I would also strongly advise against the telling of any glazier jokes.”

Quote;  Elbert Hubbard.

“Most reformers wore rubber boots and stood on glass when God sent a current of common-sense through the Universe.”

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