7 Mar 2014

And Then Let’s Talk….

It’s Friday again already! It’s truly amazing how tempus fugits! Indeed the older one gets the ocius it seems to fugit.

I note that the Ukraine jobby is still confusing the folk at the top. The top of ‘our side’ that is as it looks like the other guy’s playing a bit of a blinder. All is not lost though as I believe President Backfoot Obarmy was talking to Mr Putin for over an hour yesterday. It’s alleged Mr Putin took considerably less time to answer. His answer loosely translates to, “You want to do what now? Negotiate our withdrawal from our own bit? You’re kidding, right? You be not to hot on this Kraining game be you? Bu-by.”

Dave, I’m sure you’ve noticed how right quick the ‘other side’ have managed to glue together a Crimea referendum eh? And it doesn’t seem to have any caveats like, ‘….….a referendum; but only if I fail to get page 243, paragraph 6, subsection 3B, line 2 of the regulations relating to the growing and marketing of cabbages amended so as to help ordinary hard working families.’

All credit to the BBC boys over there as they still seem to be going to extraordinary lengths to locate  a young krainerainean, for every news bulletin, who insists they want to be in the new EUSSR thingy and not part of the old USSR. They usually manage to get at least one of those star circling baby-blue flags in the shot as well.

Enough already. For Friday I’ve been in-about that dropdown music deal on the left. If you venture in there you’ll find ‘Let Her Go Down’ for those who do or did business on the sea, a couple of ‘Going To California’, a ‘Coming Back To Life’, a ‘Big Bus’ clip – a sadly forgotten classic - and the clip wot’s been the most popular clip here, ‘Day Trip To Bangor’. The same warning to that one still stands as it did with the first time I linked to it. To reiterate, if you listen to it while having a coffee and chees sandwich right before bed, there’s a jolly good chance you’ll explode at about three in the morning. Play it twice and it’s a ‘given’.

Quote;  Fran Lebowitz.

“In the Soviet Union, capitalism triumphed over communism. In this country, capitalism triumphed over democracy.”


A K Haart said...

The last time I went on a day trip to Bangor my motorbike broke down on the way back so I'm not going again.

Mind you it was some time ago - 1969 I think.

Mac said...

Everything retreats further into the past as we get ever older. I'm 'playing a game' with a very good pal right now. Out of the blue a name will pop into my or his head from the distant past of our school and teenage days. We instantly phone and between our vague memories we are able to add flesh on the bones of the name. It's great fun and we always end these calls with, "Quick!! Write it all down!!"