4 Feb 2014

And Then It’s Whereabouts Is Confirmed….

I was always quietly confident I knew where they got gas from but it’s always good to have your beliefs confirmed by cleaver people who are paid, as unlikely as that may seem in this instance, to ensure us un-cleaver people are kept fully up to snuff about stuff.

Thus we have a report reported by a reporter{?} writing for The Argus, and I’m not sure what that is although I suspect it’s something for Sussex dwellers, telling us dumb folk this;

An energy company is looking to carry out more drilling across West Sussex if it finds shale gas underground.

Nothing found above ground then? See that? Let’s see what he’s telling us. ‘…if it finds shale gas underground’.  Finds shale gas underground. Underground? Find gas underground? Seems my previous suspicions as to  the probable whereabouts of that sneaky ol’ gas stuff where right on the money all along! It’s underground! I was right!! It transparencies I am not to be so dumb as wot I properly thinked I could have gone done and been. However, in the other foot…… Never mind, why was we? Ah yes, now you remembered…

Gas is underground. Oh, for heavens sake, don’t it just make you want to  run out and re-subscribe to Beano? The Beano, a comic that, when compared to most modern day news sources, was a masterfully constructed work of enjoyable, informative and educational genius.

In other gaseous news I see Timmy, Good-hand Yeo has gotta go. Yo Dave! How’s that ringing endorsement of Timmy working out for ya now ol’ buddy?  Another bummer eh?  It’s all a bit strange as I always thought Timmy was a well-liked sort of chap as evidenced by the large number of people who seem to worship the ground he’s going to.

It’s also jolly interesting to note that Timmy himself stated the vote had been an ‘in or out’ knife-edge jobby. It’s also interesting to note that his gangland pals are going to keep the vote results secret, as you would, the result being such a near run thing an’ all. Something smell a tad gassy there? Makes you wonder how much of a knife-edge that knife-edge thingy really was, does it not?

Quote;  Steve Maraboli.

“If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.”


A K Haart said...

Maybe some people think natural gas is in the air they breathe...

...which of course it probably was if they got into the lift with dear old Tim Yeo just before that knife edge vote.

Mac said...

There's food for at least another two paragraphs in your comment my friend!!
Man, I wish you'd sent it before I posted the piece. Pardon? Oh, right.