12 Jan 2014

And Then I Got One….

So, that semi fancy smartphone I done got all that time ago? Guess what I done got today? I got a call is what I got!! Happily, I was in an extremely big and busy store and thus able to cast about my surroundings to ensure my fancy ring tone had attracted a suitably large audience before whipping it out to answer said call. {Note to self; that really is a tad loud.}

I thought it all went rather well up to the bit where I had to say, ‘Hello?’ in a enquiring manner, as you do, to see who be calling me. it was at that stage things went a tad downhill. Downhill if you reckon not being able to answer the damn call with an audience who’s annoyance level at the continuing snappy ringtone rapidly turning to a noticeably high level of annoyance to be downhill.

Poke, push, prod, swipe as I may I could not accept the call and became increasingly embarrassed with every passing minute and every poke and push and prod and swipe and my attempts to make it appear it was all part of something very special I needed to do that was jolly important, coupled with talking into a thing playing loud music to a pretend friend, didn’t fool anyone for a second and just made me look foolish. More foolish.

After an amazingly embarrassingly long time the ‘person unknown’, who it later transpired was my little nest of vipers calling from the coffee shop, finally hung up and peace returned to my immediate surroundings and, for the benefit of those listening in, with a final, ‘Look, just tell the PM I need it today. No excuses accepted. Bu-By’ to my pretend friend I shrank further into my shoes and shuffled off.

Safe and sound back home I located the phone destruction book and found that, as smart as the phone is, it requires the pressing of the power off button to accept a call. How smart is that then? You want something to do something? Press the button to turn it off then. That’ll work! Actually, in this instance, it do.

So there you have it; as old as I am I can figure out how to cut up a song to make a snappy little ring tone, get it from a computer to the phone and get it to work - but can’t figure out how to accept an incoming call - and that says so much does it not?

Oh, the ring tone in question was cut from this - and that says so much does it not?

Quote;  Dave Barry.

“There comes a time in a man's life when he hears the call of the sea. If the man has a brain in his head, he will hang up the phone immediately.”

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