16 Dec 2013

And Then Some Seasonal Greenery….

Along with all those windmill-in-the-water cancellations announced recently comes the sad, for those working there, news that pop!! goes a little sunny greenery manufacturing.

Electronics giant Sharp is ceasing solar panel production at its Wrexham factory with the loss of hundreds of jobs.

We’d better not forget this had we?

If all that isn’t enough to tip Crazy Davey completely over the edge, this chap pops up with yet more inconvenient truth talk. {If you’re at all interested, my first stab at ‘truth’ was ‘trooth’. How sad is that?}

However, out there in the real world far, far away from here, things are looking slightly more grown-up. 

Quote;  Scott Adams.

“Scientists will eventually stop flailing around with solar power and focus their efforts on harnessing the only truly unlimited source of energy on the planet; stupidity. I predict that in the future, scientists will learn how to convert stupidity into clean fuel.”

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